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I used a stepping motor to dial the lock, an optical sensor to test rotational position, an enormous solenoid to yank the hasp, and another optical sensor to detect when the hasp opened. I additionally initially had rotational positioning problems till I adjusted the stepper present and motor begin, ramp and prime velocity, and even then added the rotational sensor to detect for and then appropriate any driftage. My outdated Tandy 286 running Mark Williams C ran the factor via the parallel port. Certain, it wasn't actually sensible, especially as you should purchase one of those locks for only a few dollars, however it was enjoyable to make, and debug, and was an amazing thrill when it successfully opened a lock that I' d forgotten the combination of. 64,000? I don't know whether or not repeated values are allowed in these easy Grasp locks. At one quantity per second, that is lower than a day even when every number must be tried. 8000, or about 2 hours at one try per second. I have an old Mosler safe having 4 numbers with values from 0-99; that would take longer - 100,000,000 possibilities? I do know that repeated values are allowed within the Mosler because the mixture is user-setteable. So, perhaps 3 years at one try per second?

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