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Eppendorf Safe-Lock Tubes are the consequence of 50 years of steady enchancment and development. The original Safe-Lock tubes protect your pattern with glorious centrifugation stability, characteristic perfect sealing properties, and reliably stop pattern evaporation. Belief in the unique Eppendorf Safe-Lock Tubes, because your samples deserve nothing however the most effective. Assessments at 30,000 x g have shown that vessels can break throughout centrifugation. Eppendorf Safe-Lock Tubes are assured to withstand forces up to 30,000 x g, allowing you to safely centrifuge without sample loss. Throughout incubation in a boiling water bath, solely the Eppendorf Safe-Lock Tubes remained safely closed. 10 % to 20 % opened lids have been found for the tubes of manufacturers S and A, whereas T and G exhibited more than one-third and V nearly eighty % opened lids. Manufactured without the usage of slip agents, plasticizers, and biocides - substances which have been shown to leach from plastic consumables into the pattern and negatively have an effect on bio-assay results or measurements, e.g. nucleic acid quantification by photometric measurements at 260 nm. Original Eppendorf Safe-Lock lid! All the time acknowledge the original Eppendorf Secure-Lock tube by the "ep" within the lid. The hinged lid on Eppendorf Safe-Lock tubes gives excellent protection in opposition to unintentional opening of tube lids guaranteeing highest sample safety.

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